Emerald Dreams Butter Bell

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This Pot is finished with a glaze combination I like to call Emerald Dreams which is a beautiful layering of Greens, Blues, and Browns, that has a gorgeous effect between the overlapping of the colors all the way down the outer sides. The inside of both the Bell and the Jar is finished with a stunning satin matte White glaze.

 This Pot has an awesome design called a Butter Bell. You fill up the base half way with water, and you fill the "Bell" with a stick of butter. Placing the bell into the jar of water creates a seal free of contaminates preventing a breeding ground for bacteria and mold, leaving your butter perfectly spreadable and ready to use for a long time. Just replace the water twice a week. 

This Pot's outer measurements in inches are 4.5W x 3.5H.
This Pot weighs 1lb 4.5oz. oz.

This Pot is Food Safe, Microwave Safe, and Dishwasher Safe.
For longevity I recommend Handwashing.