Summer's Night Mugs

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These Mug's are a gorgeous blue with swirls of white within the Glaze painted on the outside. The inside features a stunning Bright Orange interior.

There are two Variations of this style.
Variation 1: features a skinnier, taller shape.
Variation 2: features a short, wider shape.

Variation 1 holds - 10fl.oz.
Variation 1's measurements in inches are 3.25W (W w/ Handle is 4.5)x 4.25H.
Variation 1 weighs 11oz.

Variation 2 holds - 12fl.oz.
Variation 2's measurements in inches are 3.75W (W w/ Handle is 5)x 3.5H.
Variation 2 weighs 9.8oz.

This Mug is Food Safe, Microwave Safe, and Dishwasher Safe.
For longevity I recommend Handwashing